Mark your calendar!   

Relay For Life 2021 is happening 

August 14th at the 

Murray County Fairgrounds


The Relay For Life committee met, and plans are a go for the 2021 Re-lay for Life. There will be some changes this year, but we plan on having a great relay to celebrate our 25th + 1 year relay on Saturday August 14, 2021.


The survivors will be treated to a drive thru meal provided in part by the Teachers and Staff at Murray County School and the Pork Producers. If you are a cancer survivor and have not previously been registered, please contact Linda Tobias at 763-3173 to register and be included in our future Relay mailings. 


Entertainment will be provided by Corner Stone Quartet from Leota beginning at 5 pm. Options will be provided to social distance or view the program from your vehicle more details will be announced closer to relay. 


We will be sponsoring a silent auction again this year.  Luminaries can be purchased from any relay team member or the day of the event. 


Hours of the relay this year will be 5 pm to 10 pm with a closing ceremony wrapping up the event.


Relay this year will feature all teams combined as one family.  If you would like to be part of the relay and receive a relay shirt you would need to raise $100 and be registered on the relay site at https://secure.acsevents.org/site/STR?pg=entry&fr_id=100482 If you need assistance with registration or to talk to someone please contact

Janet Voges at 836-8629, Linda Tobias at 763-3173, or 

Kim Konkol at 836-8446.


Get the dirt

By Kathy Schwartz, Murray County Master Gardener


Plants labeled F1 Hybrid are created by plant breeders to improve a plant such as larger flowers, hardiness, tastier fruit, or better disease resistance. An example is Early Girl Tomatoes, which are resistant to several diseases.


Cultivars are developed by plant breeders, usually by root cuttings. Some are patented.


Variety is slightly different than “regular” species. It is not different enough to warrant a new species. They are often found in nature.


Information provided by the University of Minnesota Extension Service

n Service.