MCMC Continues to show improvement over previous year 

Vaccines for the 12-16 Age Group Available 

By Joanne Bergman


The Murray County Medical Center Board met on May 26th reviewing the statistics for the previous month. Almost  all were above those of April  2020, the first  month of the Covid-19  pandemic in which there were only two hospital admissions and one surgery. In April of the current year it was either feast or famine ending in seventeen admissions, seven Ortho surgeries and 15 General GI. Transfers to other facilities, 26 for the month, continue to be higher than desired fueled by mental health cases needing care not provided at MCMC. Finances for the month ended on a positive note at $90,960. Of that amount $60,000 was from the sale of the Fulda Clinic building. Total for the year is also positive at $105,344, a figure nearly $800,000 over that of two years ago. 


Marketing Director Doria Drost presented the department overview for the month. New to the position in March she is responsible for communications, advertising, the website and events. Hospital Week was celebrated with a variety of activities both public and in house. 


Several new purchases were presented for approval utilizing Covid grant funds which included four Vital Monitors for nursing staff, an additional V60 Ventilator for respiratory therapy, and a refrigerator/freezer for both the clinic and the pharmacy to provide increased storage for vaccines. The total cost of these items will be $51,763.


Wi-fi hardware and software is slated for upgrade a newer system. The Foundation will provide funds in the amount of $14,750 for the purchase of a lawn tractor to replace the 2009 unit now in use. 


CEO Luke Schryers reported very little interest has been shown for Covid vaccinations in the 12-16 year old age group recently approved. Pfizer and Johnson & Johnson vaccines are kept on hand for those wanting them. He has awarded two scholarships, at both Fulda and Murray County Central, to graduates entering health care career studies. The monies are collected from staff through the Jeans For Scholars Program. Urologist, Dr, Uke, will be retiring on June 10. Dr. Rosen will be replacing him with a sharing arrangement with area facilities. 


A search for a new provider has continued with a phone interview of one candidate and a site visit planned. Schryers has reached out to medical schools offering a training opportunity at MCMC for third year intern rotations in an effort to stimulate interest. 


In his report, Sanford representative Dale Gillogly, mentioned an “Anti Vax” conference to be held in Sioux Falls that will probably be making the news reports. He also spoke to the possibility of the vaccine becoming mandatory to Sanford employees later in the year. The installation of the new computer system, EPIC, at MCMC couldn’t be going better. He addressed the difficulties in attracting employees for various high demand medical positions with high incentives being paid for recruitment and retention of those employees at various facilities. The Health Career Class shared by Fulda and MCC is giving high school students a better understanding of the variety of careers available in health care. Blood supply is low and needs to be monitored on a daily basis. Vaccination clinics are going to wherever people are gathering as site clinics have seen a sharp decrease in participation.