Green Thumb

By Arnold Krusemark

Week of June 7

It is now June. Memorial Day is past and Summer will be here officially later this month. At the present the days are still getting longer meaning earlier mornings and later sunsets.

As for our gardening, a friend told us the Farmer’s Market in Sioux Falls is already in progress. Many of the items for sale were pies, cakes, and canned goods. The garden produce had sold out before he got there but some had been there earlier.

As for Slayton’s Farmer’s Market, it has been held Thursday mornings starting about 7 am and lasting until maybe past 10 am. It will be nice to check in and see what is available for garden produce even if only a few radishes.

As for our gardening, we are happy to say our lone apple tree blossomed out and did not get the blossoms frozen off so we can look forward to our own apples later this summer.

For those with some gardens still needing something to plant - seeds are still available for sale locally.

In the meantime, it’s time to mow the grass and hoe the weeds. The work now will produce our garden products later.

We did look through some seed catalogs again the other day. One thing that caught our eye was pumpkins. One variety was advertised was for making Jack o’ Lanterns. The other was the gigantic pumpkins. Too bad the giant pumpkin seed are 60 cents each. We might have tried one.

If you planted any trees or bushes, it might be a good idea to water them to help them get going.

And inside the house be sure to water your house plants.

Until next week.