Green Thumb

By Arnold Krusemark

Week of July 26

Another week has passed. As we mentioned last week our garden produce is producing. The question is what will we be able to harvest and eat.

As for corn, the field corn is growing ears with silk with edible corn to come. Probably the biggest sign that corn is ready will be the stands with sweet corn for sale.

Puts a lot of teenagers to work and gives them money too. And also will be available at Farmers Markets.

One thing we do miss this year (and last year too) is the programs at Lamberton. Always some good ideas there, not to mention some good events too.

Back home its time to get ready to harvest some of our garden produce and store for winter. We mean freezing or whatever. And then canning usually fruit. Canning supplies are still for sale in grocery stores but not like it has been in years past.

Here’s hoping we don’t have bad weather either - hope we don’t get hailed out.

Back inside be sure to water your house plants.

Until next week.