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Retirement, What’s That All About?

it’s been one year since I “retired.”

For the past twelve months I’ve chased grandkids and set expectations. I thought that diving into the deep of being caregiver for several days a week would be dandy. Hanging around with my son-in-law once he was off duty, and greeting my daughter once home from work sounded intriguing. Relieving them both of supper duty, a little laundry, and general housekeeping sounded great to me. Staring back at their family amidst their private suppertime went unnoticed by me. After all, who wouldn’t want grandma in the middle of the muddle?

So far, I’ve gotten no complaints…or formal ones at least…which makes me wonder all the more where those complaints are being registered. Out in the open I like it, but I’m well aware that not all operate on such a scale. Thus, I am assuming there might be a little wiring run underground at times.

You know, with all of my years of living, I was sure they’d want to glean a little wisdom here and there. After all, I have experience and lots of advice stored up and that is something I could offer for free. Yup, free advice now and then…who wouldn’t want that?

With plenty of energy now that this was my full time focus, I set to work. As the parents didn’t have the time to listen to radio broadcasts, or reading extra books here and there, I could just do that for them. So, I found a few wise parenting books on discipline and ordered them up because that would save them so much time and simplify their lives! The only thing they would have to do was open a page and read it when their little ones were in the middle of their developmental stages. Who wouldn’t want that?

Going on line was another past time of grandma’s. Looking up all of the fun activities their little ones could be involved in was another great idea I had. There were dance lessons, swim lessons, soccer, music, preschool, and story times not only at the library but at the latest and greatest book store in town. And, who wouldn’t want that?

Former Kindergarten teacher that I am, I ordered up classroom supplies. Never mind one had just turned two and the other was barely four, I knew exposure would be wonderful. And it was…I enjoyed myself thoroughly, and who wouldn’t want that?

Summer came and Vacation Bible School ushered in more opportunities. Wouldn’t you know that if grandma went along, even a two year old…about to turn three…could go? And so we did! Who wouldn’t want that?

The weather turned warmer and wagon rides beckoned. The swing set called as did the sandbox. The scooter mommy bought was a must and all those playgrounds nearby brought not only smiles but squeals of delight. Mommy lollygagged with them as they played and daddy held them in the pool nearby. Library books brought home were read on the couch and play time erupted into conversation between sisters that grew relationships. Parenting books remained closed for the season where real life takes on the form of real time and who wouldn’t want that?

The opportunities found on line, stayed on line and the soccer ball daddy bought was kicked passionately around the back yard near the sandbox he built. And, who wouldn’t want that?

Once home from work, mom and dad traveled with them up and down the sidewalks of the neighborhood and they thought this was just grand. ABC’s were traded in for sidewalk chalk and chasing bubbles in the yard. And, who wouldn’t want that?

Proverbs 22:6 is the gateway. “Train a child up in the way they should go, and when they are old they will not depart from it.”

I don’t know what they will be when they grow up, but I know who they will become. They will become healthy big people because they were little ones who were given the freedom to be little, loved, and cared for by those who love them. They will treat with dignity their own little ones someday because they have been treated by mom and dad with dignity. They will rise up and be called blessed because they have been blessed by the loving wisdom of their parents who, in spite of grandma’s enthusiastic efforts, were there to keep it all in perspective…to have and to hold not only one another, but each one of their children.  Amen.