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Home Make-Over

By Kathleen Kjolhaug                            

“You need to replace that light above the kitchen counter.” “You need to paint the cupboards, mom.” “You need to update the hardware on your cupboard doors.” “You need to replace that carpet upstairs in the hallway.” “You need to redo that old bathroom.”

As I sat one Sunday afternoon, upon the couch that also needs replacing, I put my feet upon the wobbly narrow bench in front of me. Somehow, this piece of furniture has become part of our décor as my husband hauled it in one day to the tune of, “This was always a part of grandpa’s cabin.” At that moment, it automatically made it a part of our home as well.

Making the list and checking it twice, I pondered each “need.” The light above the kitchen counter which doubles as a fly catcher, contrasts nicely with the popcorn ceiling that is now on the endangered species list as well. If I update the fixture, sure shootin someone’s going to think we need to smooth out that texture.

The cupboards are made of a beautiful wood and one does not paint over the beauty of wood. It’s sort of a silent code in the family. Thus, no white cupboards for me. Besides, long before the decorating committee arrived, we did have white cupboards. We tore them out.  Reverting to the days of old in order to update just isn’t in the cards.

The hardware upon them was tastefully selected years back on the hunch they would never go out of style…but apparently they are…but then again they do go nicely with the out-of-date countertops…so if I change one…the other must go…and so it goes.

The carpet in the upstairs hallway was chosen as a reminder of the old movie theater in the small town from which we hale. The deep maroon swirls and twirls secure the fact that no dirt will ever show, thus, must not exist…pretty much sealing the deal that it is all but maintenance free.

Redoing the bathrooms might be a necessity, but then, who wants to have their cash flow…flow in and out of bathrooms? It just doesn’t beat out spending it on trips to see the grandkids.

The old saying that you don’t get something for nothing rings true. Giving up the old means giving up the memory marks embedded within. Perchance tomorrow the swirly carpet, the popcorn ceilings, and the green handled cupboards will all be in style once again, and I’ll be well ahead of the game.

The space we’ve been given is sacred. Enjoying it in ways everlasting may mean updating, or, not. For now, I am choosing to be content.

Philippians 4:11-13 gently speaks, “…for I have learned to be content whatever the circumstances…”  Amen.