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Green Thumb

By Arnold Krusemark 

In this week’s column we will discuss the selecting of fruit trees. Our information source is the Gurneys catalogue.

Some things come to mind quite fast. We are in zone 4 and many fruit trees will grow here, but not all.

Secondly, some kinds cannot be shipped to Minnesota.

A third recommendation - plant two similar trees next to each other - for pollination.

Remember trees grow. Fruit trees are usually not too tall. One recommendation is to space your fruit trees apart at least 20 feet. Good idea. That gives you a place to walk between them. And gives each tree its own space.

For apple trees, we notice about half will survive in our zone 4. This would give us a good assortment. Some are hardier than others. One (Honeycrisp) can be grown in northern Minnesota. (zone 3).

Pear trees are more southern, however a new variety (Keiffer) is listed as growing in our area. Might try that.

Cherry trees. These are shorter with minimum separation 8-12 feet apart. Listed types can be grown in our area - and some farther north into Canada.

Then we get down to the fruit bushes. These might be around the edge of our house or garden. We will talk more about thee and their care in future columns.

Back home, our indoor plants need watering, visiting, maybe a little fertilizer, and maybe turn them so another side will see the sun.

Until next week.