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Green Thumb

By Arnold Krusemark

Another week has passed and now we are at the end of June. This week-end will include July 4th. Please remember why we have our Independence Day in the first place. It was to separate ourselves from the crooked rule of the then England. In doing so it created the best independence we could have ever dreamed of when it was created.

As for our families we sometimes have had family reunions along with other celebrations. The reunions have been disbanded some years ago but we still have one even we really can’t miss (funerals).

Its just not July 4th without fireworks - whether a large group or our own. This writer can remember the first sparkler. And first firecracker too.

As for our gardening, July 4th is also when we celebrate the first produce from our garden.

Yes, we’ve already had radishes. We mean other items.

This means our first potatoes. Everyone at the table must have at least one new potatoe - even if the size is only marble or maybe golf ball sized. And one per person too.

And then there’s the first peas if only one or two pods to go around. And the first carrots too.

And then there’s the corn. In years past we went out to see if it was knee high. This writer first did that about the age of five. It was high enough.

This year it will be hard to find any corn growing due to the heavy rains. And some flowers too - especially from our own garden. Well, back to the lawn mower. Too bad the grass is good only for cows and related.

Back inside the house, remember to water your house plants.

Until next week.