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Green Thumb

By Arnold Krusemark

This is the week of the Murray County Fair. We have been to many fairs over the years. Ours has changed somewhat over the years. Some areas have been added and others dropped. The same with buildings and events. We can remember in earliest years an admission fee was needed. No longer thankfully. In earlier years there were programs at the grandstand. We can remember seeing several. Some were more memorable than others.

A time or two we had a rodeo with some traveling cowboys who competed. Excellent for our fair. Sometimes the grandstand performance had some local performers too. Some buildings have been added over the years. We now have several areas which helps in the case of rain.

As for some exhibits we’ve always had produce in the agriculture Building and sometimes we brought in our garden items to compete for prizes. The commercial exhibit have been interesting too. Father always made a point of looking over the latest farm machinery. Sometimes the most memorable items ended up in the newspaper as well as in our memory.

One year the REA had their exhibit along with a lineman truck when the lights in that building went out. Some of us watched while they restored electricity. Another time a 4-Her had a cow which gave birth during the fair. There was a problem and the local Vet had to be called. It made the area newspaper. As for the crowd which assembled - well, no additional charge. Not everything else went perfect either.

One memorable year when the family was gathering up our exhibits, the cream puffs got sat on in the car. Another time a 4-H project - a loaf of bread - got set out to cool off and became a sandwich for a family member. After the judging was done we thought saw a worm crawl out of an apple. Wonder what it thought about the crowd there. Maybe it decided to crawl back in like a turtle. Some years the Ag Building had fish tanks with some examples of area fish. We noticed they looked the crowds over.  Wonder what they thought too.

Back to this year’s fair, we notice it has grown a few more days and ends with a parade Saturday. This writer has been in the parade several times.

In the gardening news The University of Minnesota has announced a new variety of apple trees which should be available to the public later this summer.

Back home its time to mow the lawn and water our house plants.

Until next week.