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Green Thumb

By Arnold Krusemark

This is the week of Thanksgiving and our best Thanksgiving motto comes from the Slayton Public library. Gobble ‘Til You Wobble. We can’t improve on that.

We have many things to give thanks for each Thanksgiving even if we just made it through another year.

The original Pilgrims made a three-day affair out of it. The invited the neighborhood indians who contributed to the pot luck in their own way.

The indian chief asked three of his guys to bring three deer for meat). The celebration fed the colonists and indians and the fun and games made peace which lasted through at least two generations.

Nowadays we get together with our neighbors and/or relation to celebrate. As mentioned in past column, we’ve had several dinners Thanksgiving week-end - to help eat up the leftovers. Our centerpiece this time was supplied by a house plant - one of our amaryllis plants decided to bloom. And beautifully.

With that over, its time to start making plans for Christmas and New Years. And wrapping up our gardening and outside work for this calendar year. And wrapping up the year in general. More about that in future columns.

Your house plants may need more watering some winter. Check and water maybe twice a week until Spring.

Until next week.