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Green Thumb

By Arnold Krusemark

Another week has passed. And with it more rain. In between rains we get some yard and garden work done. Some areas are still too wet to mow or whatever.

We did our first lawn mowing. We think its a good idea to mow where you can now and clip off the weeds before they get too tall and hard to mow.

Otherwise its planting time. The rain does help - it gives the seeds and plants a good start.

As for our trees most are leafed out now so Spring has gotten a good start.

The Canadian geese have come and gone, but we still see ducks in transit making good use of the ponds remaining. Reminds us of when we still hatched and raised our own geese and ducks. Once they had feathers they usually didn’t come inside when it was just a gentle rain. 

We remember looking out the window once during a rain and the geese had their heads pointed up so the rain didn’t get in their noses 

Seeds and started plants are still available - and some with good prices.

Maybe we will keep and eye out for last minute things to plant later on.

And this morning we watered the house plants for another week. They might get outside too for the summer. Time will tell.

Until next week.