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Green Thumb

By Arnold Krusemark 

September is now at the mid-month,. Autumn will officially arrive about the time this week’s newspaper comes out.

At least the weather has not been miserable. That means the garden produce are coming along. The farm fields also.

Last week we mentioned making a Fall garden. Another thing that gets planted some Autumns is trees and shrubbery. This writer participated in a donation (Arbor Day Foundation) for which we were to get a dozen trees to plant.

A return post card said too late for Spring planting but will arrive in time for Fall planting.

Some thoughts. Remember trees grow. Plant then according to how they will be when fully grown. Not too close to each other and to create proper shade, for example.

And then there are planting growing instructions to be followed (how to plant) and then watering. The idea is to get the trees or bushes planted so they can get a start before freeze up.

Some should be planted now and some just before freeze-up. In past columns - and years - we talked about tulips we planted the first of December. They ended up excellent spring flowers. With memorable stories.

In the meantime keep your garden care for. Weeded and harvested. And, inside the house, water your house plants too. And visit with them while you care for them too.

Until next week.