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USDA Farm Service Agency (FSA) Online Hay and Grazing Acres Locator Tool

FSA’s Hay Net website  is the “go to” online resource for agricultural producers to list information concerning the need for hay and grazing acres or the availability of hay and grazing acres. 

If, due to extenuating circumstances, producers are in need of hay and/or grazing acres to support livestock, please use Hay Net to post an advertisement seeking these resources. Likewise, landowners who have hay and/or grazing acres available for livestock producers should post a Hay Net advertisement as well.

A few things to remember when using the Hay Net website:

• There is a one-time registration process that should be completed by all users who want to post an ad online. 

• Users who just want to browse ads DO NOT NEED to have an eAuthentication user id. 

•Hay and grazing acre ads will be automatically removed after a period of 13 months. 

• Please help your fellow farmer and rancher by keeping ads current and up to date and remove ads you no longer need or want advertised on Hay Net. Please, no corporate advertisements on this site.

Hay Net is brought to you by FSA as a public service. The sole purpose of this online resource is to provide a site for the exchange of information. FSA does not endorse, guarantee, or otherwise make representations of any kind regarding any user of this site and FSA is not responsible for defining the terms of grazing agreements or lease contracts. 

For more information about Hay Net and other FSA services and programs, please contact your local FSA office.  For local FSA Service Center contact information, please visit: 

Good News Column

By John Stenen

George Campbell Morgan (1863 – 1945) was a great minister of the gospel of Jesus Christ. He once heard the statement made: “The preacher must catch the spirit of the age;” and gave the following answer: “God forgive him if he does. The preachers business is to correct the spirit of the age.”

    Multitudes of our preachers today have compromised the Word of God and exchanged its truths concerning righteousness and holiness for worldly morals and values.  I had one minister who said to me:  “Perhaps we need to reinterpret the Word of God in light of our culture.”  He said that in order to embrace the immorality that has invaded many of our churches today. I said to him: “No! We do not need to reinterpret the Word of God in light of our culture. We need to get our culture in line with Gods Word.”

   In spite of the fact that unrighteousness appears to be on the increase in our nation, more so than righteousness;  I still believe God will reward the Christians who still cry unto Him through prayer and have stayed true to His Word and have not compromised their morals and values. I believe He will bless this great nation with a Holy Spirit revival that will bring millions and millions of Americans to Jesus Christ where they will find the only means of their salvation. Only in Christ can we find true meaning for our existence and purpose for our lives.

    Those of you who have not compromised the Word of God, keep praying for this great revival for “His eyes are upon the righteous and His ears are open to their prayers.”  1 Peter 3:12

Get The Dirt

Kathy Schwartz, Murray County Master Gardener 

Snow is natures great insulator, but unpredictable. A 12-24 inch layer of leaves or straw applied to roses, perennials and small fruits will offer protection for the winter.

Tree trunks should be wrapped beyond the first branch to prevent injury from animals or sun scald.

Keep adding perennials to your garden and landscape. The cooler air and warm soil are great for establishing new perennials.

Information provided by the University of Minnesota Extension Service.